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Delivering powerful printing & multimedia solutions.
To get you results.
Digital Printing

Large Digital Prints are used to promote your product or brand in applications ranging from one day special events and promotions to semi-permanent uses in retail stores and as advertisements on vehicles. The ability to display high quality graphics makes it the ideal medium for most promotional messages.

COLORMAX offers optimal solutions to clients in choosing the most suitable substrates- Flexy,SAV, PVC matte paper, Mesh,Flag material etc.- befitting every situation.


Digital Marketing

At COLORMAX we have result-yielding solutions to promote your products and services digitally, using  Banners, Ads, outdoor digital means, apart from using the Internet.


Vehicle Branding

 Branding and advertising using your vehicle can provide a unique advertising tool that can be reused for many years with only a one off cost. An eye-catching design exposes your business and brand to a wide audience and promotes a positive opinion of your company before you've met your customer. Next time you pass a branded car or van, take a second look and think if you've seen it before - more often than not, you have. COLORMAX vehicle branding solutions will guarantee returns on your investment.


Outdoor Advertising

 One of the main benefits when you choose our outdoor advertising and billboard solutions as your medium in getting attention for your product is the volume of the audience that our billboard or banner attracts due to its creativeness and strategic positioning . When you position your advertising tool in the most strategic location outdoors, then big chances are in store for the advertiser that a lot of people can see it. Hence, it is imperative that outdoor advertising is rightly aimed at your targeted audience and placed right directly in their line of sight. Bear in mind that outdoor advertising is not just about location, but the way you connect with consumers is a big part in getting results, as well.


Branding & Identity

​Brand Identities are meant to last. They are not buffeted by changes in competition, product or consumer trends. While specific products and messages may change with the times, the underlying Brand Identity needs to be stable, to ensure coherence and to allow the accumulated impact of brand decisions to be felt. An identity should stay in place five to seven years or even longer if there is no compelling reason to revisit it.

When is the last time you looked closely at your Brand Identity? If you can answer many but not all of the questions raised by each prism element, you may simply need to add to what you already have. If you cannot answer most of the questions, it may be time to revisit your COLORMAX.

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