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Colormax Ghana Ltd is a digital printing, signage 
and branding company, offering the next generation full range of services and solutions that include fast and reliable large format and commercial digital printing, outdoor signages and advertising, publishing and branding, at ultra-affordable prices.
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We provide top notch quality using only the best materials from around the world plus near perfect services. We are here to service and touch the complete digital printing spectrum of our customers. We always stay on the cutting edge of technology so we can provide anything our customers want in a timely fashion. We understand the importance of 24 hour turn around and what it means for you. We treat every order like it’s the most important one of the day. You might never know where your next big account will come from, so go ahead promise your customers the world, we will always pull through for you.

We have the reputation as a company that would always do what we were hired to do, no matter what.

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